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What is Collocation? Collocation is Useful to Study Japanese Language
I am often asked this question by people who study Japanese language, “Japanese is difficult, and it…
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How to Write Kanji (Chinese characters) Beautifully – 4 Tips
“I want to write kanji beautifully!” Most people think so, for sure. However, what should we do? For…
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How to Set Goals When Starting to Learn Japanese at a Language School
This guide walks you through the steps of setting effective learning goals, helping you to start lea…
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Useful! Simple! Various Japanese phrases
This time, we will introduce some simple Japanese phrases that can be used when asking for direction…
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Difficult Japanese sentences for people not from Japan: 3 examples
A few days later, the students talked to me again. “Our teacher, G taught me when Japanese say, ‘I’l…
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Best Japanese language school for newcomers to Japan
We explore not only the importance of learning Japanese as a beginner, but also help you to navigate…
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What is “Onomatopoeia,” that Japanese people often use?
When we communicate in Japanese, have you experienced to confuse about “onomatopoeia?” For example, …
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Best Japanese language school for people working in Japan
This article explores the importance of learning Japanese for work and why we believe TCJ is the bes…
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Beautiful Sakura and Japanese words
When Japanese hear the word “flower,” they think of cherry blossoms (Sakura) immediately.
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Why students choose to study Japanese at TCJ: teacher interviews
Each person has their own perspective so we interviewed 3 teachers at TCJ to find out why student st…
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Why students choose to study Japanese at TCJ
Every student’s journey is different. We interviewed 5 students from different countries, all learni…
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Prices of Japanese language schools – what’s best for you
Factors that influence the pricing of Japanese language schools and a guide on how to evaluate optio…
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