【No Charge for ERFS! 】Working Holiday Visa Course


【No Charge for ERFS Issuance! 】
I want to live in Japan! I want to work using Japanese in the future! I want to learn Japanese as much as possible during my stay in Japan!
TCJ will support such dreams.
We issue ERFS free of charge to those who enter Japan with a short-stay visa such as a working holiday visa. Why don't you come to TCJ and learn "live Japanese" while you are in Japan?

The only course eligible for ERFS issuance is the "Daytime Standard Class".

This is a class designed to provide a solid understanding of the four skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
Students can acquire practical Japanese communication skills and acquire the high level of Japanese language proficiency necessary for higher education, employment, and daily life.
Classes are divided into beginner, intermediate, intermediate, and advanced levels, allowing you to study at the level that best suits you, and the curriculum also includes content for the JLPT exam.

TCJ's ICT Education
- All classes are offered in a hybrid format ( both in-class and online).
- Each student is given a "My Page" (login with ID and password). My Page provides access to school and class information.
- Use Google Classroom to keep in touch with teachers and classmates. You can use your own PC/tablet/phone, etc.

What is ERFS?

The Japanese government, which has imposed severe restrictions on travel in the Corona pandemic, has eased measures for foreigners wishing to enter Japan effective March 1, 2022.
Under the new immigration rules, foreign nationals will be subject to [the Entrants, Returnees Follow-up System (ERFS)] and will be required to obtain a health clearance from a company, school, or other organization based in Japan.

This is required for foreigners entering Japan for the first time on a working holiday or short-term stay (3 months or less), and applicants must have a receiving institution in Japan.
TCJ issues the ERFS free of charge to working holiday visa and other short-term stay applicants. (Course designation is required)

Qualifications for Admission

-Minimum enrollment is 6 months.
-Free ERFS issued to students enrolling in Daytime standard class.
-Full payment must be made in advance. No refunds will be made after lessons start.
-Those who are willing to submit an application form/ health declaration form at the time of application for admission.
-If you do not receive your short-stay visa at least one week prior to your arrival date, please contact the school.

Lesson Hours

Morning Class (4 sessions, 3 hours)
1st Period, 2nd Period 9:00~10:30
3rd Period, 4th Period 10:50~12:20

Afternoon Class (4 sessions, 3 hours)
5th Period, 6th Period 13:20~14:50 / 7th Period, 8th Period 15:10~16:40

・We offer both morning and afternoon classes, and you will study in either time slot depending on your level.
・Classes are generally held from Monday to Friday. There are no classes on national holidays and school holidays in Japan.

School Fee

Enrollment fee Monthly tuition fee Total
1 year 22,000 JPY 75,500 JPY 928,000 JPY
6 months 22,000 JPY 75,500 JPY 475,000 JPY
-The above tuition fee includes 10% consumption tax.
-Equipment and facility fees are included in the tuition above.
-Additional fees for textbooks and shipping are required.
-The above tuition fees must be paid in full prior to the issuance of the ERFS.
-Total tuition fees vary depending on the length of the course.

Process for Admission

You can enroll at any time.

1) Fill out and submit the inquiry form.
2) Please take the online level check test in advance.
3) You will have a face-to-face or online interview with a TCJ staff member. Please be as specific as possible about your purpose for studying Japanese and your target Japanese level. Through the level check and interview, we will confirm your Japanese level and suggest the most suitable class for you.
4) We will decide how you will pay the tuition fee.
5) After confirming your initial payment and submitting your health declaration form, we will issue your ERFS. We will send it to you by e-mail.
6) Please contact the school once you have obtained a short-term visa, flight date and time, and accommodation in Japan.
7) After entering Japan, lessons will begin.
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