Student Visa Program


For those who wish to study in Japan

Students can choose from a variety of courses according to their objectives, such as graduate school, university, vocational school and employment. TCJ offers a wide range of classes from beginner to advanced level. With high quality Japanese education by our experienced Japanese language teachers and careful course guidance from homeroom teachers, we have a high track record of employment and employment.

If you would like to get a comprehensive and clear picture of the admission process, necessary procedures, and what you will be able to achieve by studying in Japan, please begin by proceeding to the following page.

Student Visa Program Course

Online Japanese Program For Study Abroad Preparation (150 hours)
(Class lesson, Private lesson)

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Feature of Student Visa Program in TCJ

1. Purpose-specific courses

The Study Abroad Course is for those who want to obtain a study abroad visa for a maximum of 2 years to go on to a university, graduate school, vocational school, etc., or to seek employment in Japan. TCJ offers a wide range of courses according to your desired goal (graduate school, university, vocational school, or employment), and offers detailed lessons and individual career guidance and support.

2. High quality Japanese language education

TCJ is one of the largest Japanese language schools in Japan, with more than 30 years of experience in the field. In addition, we are one of the best in Japan in terms of training Japanese language teachers and have received high praise both in Japan and abroad for our Japanese language teaching abilities. Accredited professional Japanese language instructors with a wealth of experience provide Japanese language classes and career guidance, and the school has a high track record of success in higher education and employment.

3. TCJ’s unique educational method for developing communication skills

Communication skills are essential for entrance exams and job interviews, and are a key component of success upon post-college and post-employment in playing an active part in society. TCJ offers a unique approach to communication education which allows students to not only speak and listen to each other, but also to learn about Japanese culture and values while acquiring social skills, as well as developing a high level of communication skills. By improving your Japanese communication skills at TCJ, you will be able to expand your opportunities in Japan.

4. Excellent student support

TCJ has teachers who are dedicated to helping you learn and achieve your goals. In addition, there are teachers who can help you with all aspects of your life in Japan, such as visas and life in Japan, and you can talk to them at any time about classes, higher education, daily life, part-time job, and other problems you may have. Multinational staffs are on hand to provide multilingual support to students studying Japanese.

5. A wide range of class levels

Classes are divided into beginner (N5-N4), elementary (N3), intermediate (N2), advanced (N1 and above), and higher levels so it is possible to take classes according to your level of Japanese. Based on the quantitative and qualitative evaluation of your proficiency in the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, we will assign you to the class that is best suited for you. It is also possible to take a super-advanced class for students aiming to enter a leading university or graduate school in Japan.

Class JLPT CEFR Graduate
Excess Above N1 Above C1        
Advanced Ⅲ N1 C1        
Advanced Ⅱ N1 C1        
Advanced Ⅰ N1 B2        
Intermediate Ⅲ N2 B2        
Intermediate Ⅱ N2 B2        
Intermediate Ⅰ N2 B1        
Pre-Intermediate Ⅲ N3 B1        
Pre-Intermediate Ⅱ N3 B1        
Pre-Intermediate Ⅰ N3 B1        
Elementary Ⅲ N4 A2        
Elementary Ⅱ N4 A2        
Elementary Ⅰ N5 A1        
Introductory Below N5 Below A1        

6. Academic and career counseling

Guidance begins in the first year of school. It is possible to meet with your homeroom teacher to discuss your desired career path, and we will plan your study pace and examination schedule in light of your current Japanese language level and your career goals.

Course-Based Guidance

- Each course has a number of teachers who are experienced in guiding students to higher education.

- University Course: Comprehensive preparation for the EJU, JLPT, essay and interview.

- Graduate School Course: Thesis guidance for research projects, contact with professors in the laboratory, interview practice

- Vocational school course: Application schedule, JLPT preparation, interview practice

- Job hunting Course: Preparation for the JLPT and BJT exams, guidance on resumes and work history, business etiquette, interview practice

Interview Preparation

Based on the communication skills you have developed in TCJ classes, mock interviews are conducted for all courses so that you can confidently face the interview process.

Events for higher education, admission fairs and information sessions held exclusively for students at TCJ

TCJ invites graduate schools, colleges and universities to TCJ to participate in college fairs and individual counseling sessions exclusively for TCJ students. We also participate in college fairs where graduate schools, universities, and vocational schools such as JASSO exhibit. There is a large amount of information posted and filed in the school, including information on academic events and school fairs, so you can directly access information that will help you achieve your goals.

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