This is a program for those who are willing to learn Japanese and prepare for entering Japanese university or graduate school from overseas. Students can take the course from minimum 6 months, and have small group lessons and 1vs1 private career guidance.

In addition to a high level of Japanese language proficiency, thinking ability, judgement, and expressiveness is required to enter a Japanese university or graduate school.
At TCJ, students can learn four skills of reading, listening, speaking, and writing in a good balance in small groups, while improving Japanese communication skills with our unique method.
While developing academic Japanese skills by dealing with social issues, students will have comprehensive preparation for entrance exams, including JLPT, EJU, essay, interview and research plan preparation.
Every year, TCJ graduates enter the top public and private schools, as well as many famous universities throughout Japan evey year.

Features of online speed japanese program for entrance exam

TCJ`s original Japanese language lessons for entering school

  • High quality Japanese lesson guidance: thorough countermeasures of EJU/JLPT preparation class, interviews, essays and research plans.
  • Private career counseling: 24 hours *Hours can be added.
  • Small group lesson: small group lesson incorporating coaching. (max 5 participants)

Minimum 6 months of short term intensive lesson from overseas for entering Japanese schools

  • The same as high quality of face-to-face small group Japanese lesson or individual career counseling for online lesson is available.
  • By using coaching metod, improve Japanese ability 2.5 to 3 times faster than normal speed.

Reasonable program price

  • Compared to long-term study abroad, enable to take a challenge to take the entrance exam for university and graduate school by saving cost and time.
  • If you take the course for 9 months, you can save more than 1 million yen in total cost compared to study abroad in Japan.

Academic Achievements

[Main destinations for higher education]
The University of Tokyo Graduate School, Kyoto University Graduate School, Hitotsubashi University Graduate school, Kobe University Graduate School, Yokohama National University Graduate School, Keio University Graduate School, Waseda University Graduate School, Sophia University Graduate School, Meiji University, Chuo University

Name of schools Number of students entering higher education
The University of Tokyo Graduate School 3
Kyoto University Graduate School 2
Osaka University Graduate School 1
Nagoya University Graduate School 1
Hokkaido University Graduate School 2
Kyushu University Graduate School 1
Tohoku University Graduate School 2
Hitotsubashi University Graduate school 4
Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School 3
University of Tsukuba Graduate School 1
Kobe University Graduate School 3
Yokohama National University Graduate School 3
Chiba University Graduate School 2
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Graduate School 1
Osaka Prefecture University Graduate School 1
Shizuoka University of Art and Culture Graduate School 1
Other (National public) 3 schools 4
Keio University Graduate School 2
Waseda University Graduate School 6
Sophia University Graduate School 2
Aoyama Gakuin University Graduate School 1
Rikkyo University Graduate School 2
Chuo University Graduate School 2
Kansai University Graduate School 4
Ritsumeikan University Graduate School 5
Tokyo University of Science Graduate School 1
Nihon University Graduate School 5
Musashino Art University Graduate School 2
Tama Art University Graduate School 2
Tokyo Zokei University Graduate School 1
Joshibi University of Art and Design Graduate School 1
Tokyo Polytechnic University Graduate School 1
Kyoto University of the Arts Graduate School 1
Kobe Design University Graduate School 1
Senzoku Gakuen Graduate School of Music 1
Bunka Fashion Graduate University 1
Other (Private) 11 schools 14

Name of schools Number of students entering higher education
Tokyo Institute of Technology 1
Osaka Kyoiku University 1
Shinshu University 1
Kyoto Institute of Technology 1
Akita University 1
Keio University 1
Waseda University 1
Sophia University 1
Meiji University 1
Chuo University 3
Hosei University 2
Ritsumeikan University 2
Tokyo University of Science 1
Meiji Gakuin University 2
Nihon University 1
Toyo University 8
Komazawa University 1
Senshu University 1
Daito Bunka University 2
Asia University 2
Teikyo University 3
Kokushikan University 1
Musashino Art University 3
Tama Art University 1
Joshibi University of Art and Design 1
Tokyo Polytechnic University 6
Kyoto University of the Arts 3
Kyoto Seika University 3
Osaka University of Arts 1
Nagoya University of the Arts 1
Nagoya Zokei University 1
Yokohama University of Art and Design 1
Kobe Design University 1
Senzoku Gakuen College of Music 1
Other (Private) 39 schools 63

Qualifications for Admission

Students who are aiming to enter a university or graduate school in Japan, and have a Japanese language proficiency level of N5 or higher are eligible to enroll in the program.
The Japanese language skills required at the time of enrollment vary due to the enrollment arimig date and desire schools.
*The course period after starting the program can be extended.

Lesson hours

[6 months package]
Total 144 hours
・Small group lesson:120hrs (5h/week)
・Private career counseling :24hrs (1h/week)
*Class hours and individual guidance hours can be added in 3-month units. Please feel free to contact us.
・Class capacity (2-5 students)

TCJ's online classes for international students and foreign residents in Japan are always running, and we have a wide range of experience in online tutoring.
In 2020, many students has improved their Japanese and succeeding in their higher education through online classes.

School fee

Admissions Tuition fee (6 months plan)
School fee ¥22,000 (Tax included) ¥598,000 (Tax included)
*The total tuition varies depending on the length of the course.
*Extra¥400,000 for applying as individual lesson

Special campaign

1) Free admission fee (¥ 22,000 discount) + free shipping for textbook for applications by June 30th, 2021

2) Special gifts for successful entrance by March 2022.
ex. Tokyo Disney Resort pair tickets, USJ pair tickets, hotel accommodation vouchers, free train tickets, gourmet food gift certificates, etc.

Admission Process

Attend an online seminar or counselling with TCJ staff in person or online (please tell us your desire school and enrollment arimig date and more)
Fill out and send the application form
Tuition payment
Group formation and curriculum establishment interview (to determine the specific schedule for entering school with the teacher)
Lesson starts

Application and examination from home country

Universities and graduate schools allow applicants from overseas.
The entrance examination can be either [1] coming to Japan with a short-term visa and take the exam , or [2] taking the exam from overseas.
*Whether [2] is possible or not depends on the university.


[A] No, there are no requirements. Anyone can participate in the program. However, it depends on your Japanese ability how long you need to study before you can enter a university or graduate school, so we will give you an advice for your study plan though the level check.

[A] You will be placed in a group lesson with other students who can attend the class with you.

[A] Because of the small-group lesson, the teacher accompanies each student to make a study plan, and manage and support their progress. TCJ has a coaching-based learning support program, and we have the strategies to help you improve your Japanese in a short period of time.

[A] TCJ adopted online education early and has a high level of ICT educational literacy. TCJ's high quality online Japanese language lesson and exam guidance has resulted in high academic achievement. Also our graduates and current students say that TCJ's online classes are just as good as face-to-face classes.

[A] Yes, it is possible to extend the course by 3 months at a monthly charge.

[A] Yes, an additional fee is required, but it is possible, so please consult with us.

[A] The minimum course length is 6 months, and there is no refund if you cancel the course within 6 months. However, there is a refund policy for extension contracts.

[A] Most of universities and graduate schools accept applications from overseas. If you want to take the entrance examination before arriving to Japan, it depends on the university or graduate school.

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