This is a class where you can learn the four Japanese language skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.
This curriculum enables students to acquire practical Japanese communication skills and to acquire a high level of Japanese language skills necessary for higher education, employment and daily life. This class is also aiming to JLPT qualification.
Classes are divided into beginner(N5-N4 level), Intermediate(N3 level) and advanced(above N2 level), so you can learn at the level that suits you the best. Since it’ s possible to take classes either by schooling or online, those who live in Japan or abroad can also take the classes.

ICT Education
- Hybrid Class (Schooling or Online)
- Personal My page(with Login ID and Password) will be given to all students. You can access to the school and class information.
- You use Google Classroom to communicate with teachers and Classmates. Personal device (PC, tablet, mobile) can be used.

Qualifications for Admission

There are no entrance requirements. Students who have never studied Japanese before are also eligible to enroll.

[Eligible VISAs]
Working VISA, Highly skilled professional visa, Spouse VISA, Family Stay VISA, Student VISA, Long term resident VISA, Diplomat VISA, Official VISA, Travel VISA, Working holiday VISA
※All other visa holders who are able to stay in Japan are eligible to take this class.

School Hours

Morning Class (4 sessions, 3 hours)
1st Period, 2nd Period 9:00~10:30 / 3rd Period, 4th Period 10:50~12:20

Afternoon Class (4 sessions, 3 hours)
5th Period, 6th Period 13:20~14:50 / 7th Period, 8th Period 15:10~16:40

- There are two types of classes: morning and afternoon classes, and students will study at one of these times depending on their year and class level.

- Classes are held from Monday to Friday. There are no classes on Japanese national holidays or school holidays.

School Fee

Enrollment fee Tuition fee Total
School Fee 22,000 JPY 372,000 JPY 394,000 JPY
*The above prices are for a 6-month contract.
*The tuition fee varies depending on the length of contract.
*If you study for more than 6 months, you can take advantage of campaigns such as free admission and cash back of tuition fees. Please contact us for details.
*We recommend taking this course together with other optional courses such as the Intensive class for JLPT and the Intensive class for kanji.

Process for Admission

The school is available four times a year on a schedule of April, July, October and January. It is possible to enroll in school during the term.

1) Please fill out the application form.
2) Please take an online level check test before the interview.
3) We will conduct an interview either at face-to-face or online. Please be as specific as possible about your purpose for studying Japanese and your target level of Japanese. We will confirm your Japanese language level through conversations and class observations, and propose the most appropriate class for you.
4) We will issue an invoice for tuition fees. (We accept safe and secure cash payment, bank transfer, credit card. Installment payment is available.)
5) After confirming your payment, the class starts!


Upon completion of the class, a certificate of completion can be issued.
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