Online Japanese Program For Study Abroad Preparation (150 hours)
(Class lesson, Private lesson)


TCJ offers the perfect course for those who "want to acquire basic Japanese language skills before studying in Japan. Whether you have already decided to study in Japan or are thinking about it in the future, you can participate in Japanese lessons online from your home country.

To enter a Japanese language school, one of the following is required
1: Completion of 12 years of education in your home country (with a high school diploma).
2: If less than 12 years of education in your home country, you must have Japanese language proficiency equivalent to JLPT N5 or above, or 150 hours of Japanese language study certification.

TCJ's online lessons can be taken as either class or private lessons. You can choose the lesson that best suits your schedule, curriculum, and level. By building up foundation of Japanese language skills while you are preparing to study abroad, you will be able to study more smoothly after you arrive in Japan. We recommend to study abroad in Japan after improving your Japanese language skills, because in addition to a high level of Japanese language proficiency, students are required to have the ability to think, judge, and express themselves in order to enter universities and graduate schools.

This is TCJ's original program, which can only be offered through a variety of courses, including study abroad courses, courses for foreign residents in Japan, and online courses.


Online Japanese Program For Study Abroad Preparation

Strengthen your Japanese proficiency during preparation for study abroad with our online courses

  • You can join from zero experience as a learner! Students can start by learning hiragana and katakana, and build up their Japanese language foundation in level-specific courses.
  • Choice of courses: You can choose class lessons or private lessons, depending on your situation and preferences.

150 hours in minimum 3 months of short-term intensive instruction to study in Japan

  • You can take high-quality class lessons and private Japanese lessons by online, just as you would in person.
  • Our team of instructors will accompany you through the learning process, so you can achieve great learning results in 3 months (150 hours).

Secure learning at TCJ before and after your study abroad

  • You can save cost and time and take on the challenge of studying abroad in Japan.
  • By continuing to take lessons before coming to Japan, students will be able to smoothly study in the study abroad class after arriving in Japan.

Academic Achievements after Studying Abroad

[Main destinations for higher education]
The University of Tokyo Graduate School, Kyoto University Graduate School, Hitotsubashi University Graduate school, Kobe University Graduate School, Yokohama National University Graduate School, Keio University Graduate School, Waseda University Graduate School, Sophia University Graduate School, Meiji University, Chuo University

Name of schools Number of students entering higher education
The University of Tokyo Graduate School 3
Kyoto University Graduate School 2
Osaka University Graduate School 1
Nagoya University Graduate School 1
Hokkaido University Graduate School 2
Kyushu University Graduate School 1
Tohoku University Graduate School 2
Hitotsubashi University Graduate school 4
Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School 3
University of Tsukuba Graduate School 1
Kobe University Graduate School 3
Yokohama National University Graduate School 3
Chiba University Graduate School 2
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Graduate School 1
Osaka Prefecture University Graduate School 1
Shizuoka University of Art and Culture Graduate School 1
Other (National public) 3 schools 4
Keio University Graduate School 2
Waseda University Graduate School 6
Sophia University Graduate School 2
Aoyama Gakuin University Graduate School 1
Rikkyo University Graduate School 2
Chuo University Graduate School 2
Kansai University Graduate School 4
Ritsumeikan University Graduate School 5
Tokyo University of Science Graduate School 1
Nihon University Graduate School 5
Musashino Art University Graduate School 2
Tama Art University Graduate School 2
Tokyo Zokei University Graduate School 1
Joshibi University of Art and Design Graduate School 1
Tokyo Polytechnic University Graduate School 1
Kyoto University of the Arts Graduate School 1
Kobe Design University Graduate School 1
Senzoku Gakuen Graduate School of Music 1
Bunka Fashion Graduate University 1
Other (Private) 11 schools 14

Name of schools Number of students entering higher education
Tokyo Institute of Technology 1
Osaka Kyoiku University 1
Shinshu University 1
Kyoto Institute of Technology 1
Akita University 1
Keio University 1
Waseda University 1
Sophia University 1
Meiji University 1
Chuo University 3
Hosei University 2
Ritsumeikan University 2
Tokyo University of Science 1
Meiji Gakuin University 2
Nihon University 1
Toyo University 8
Komazawa University 1
Senshu University 1
Daito Bunka University 2
Asia University 2
Teikyo University 3
Kokushikan University 1
Musashino Art University 3
Tama Art University 1
Joshibi University of Art and Design 1
Tokyo Polytechnic University 6
Kyoto University of the Arts 3
Kyoto Seika University 3
Osaka University of Arts 1
Nagoya University of the Arts 1
Nagoya Zokei University 1
Yokohama University of Art and Design 1
Kobe Design University 1
Senzoku Gakuen College of Music 1
Other (Private) 39 schools 63

Qualifications for Admission

The course is open to anyone who is interested in studying in Japan.
You can take the course whether you live abroad or in Japan.
Extension of the course period is possible after the start of the program.

Lesson hours

Lesson Example

Mr.-K (from Africa)
[Preparation for study abroad 3 month plan]
Total 150 hours
2 hours of private online lessons per day x 6 days per week 
-Ms. N (from Indonesia)
[Preparation 6 Months Plan]
Total 300 hours
Standard Class (9:00-12:20 JST)
(3 hours online class lesson per day x 5 days per week)
*Please feel free to consult with us about your desired duration and number of hours.
*TCJ online lessons for international students and foreigners living in Japan are always in operation, and we have a wealth of experience in online tutoring. In FY2021, many students have improved their Japanese language skills through online classes and have successfully entered higher education or found employment.

School fee

*Split payment is accepted.
*We have a limited number of seats available.
*The total tuition varies depending on the length of the course.

Special campaign

Seasonal special promotion is available only now! Please contact us for details.

Admission Process

Face-to-face or online meeting with TCJ staff (to confirm current level and learning goals)
Please fill out the application form and send it to us. If you wish to observe a class lesson, please let us know.
Tuition payment
(For private lessons) We will decide on the curriculum and specific lesson schedule.
After payment of tuition fees, lesson starts!

Application and examination from home country

Universities and graduate schools allow applicants from overseas.
The entrance examination can be either [1] coming to Japan with a short-term visa and take the exam , or [2] taking the exam from overseas.
*Whether [2] is possible or not depends on the university.


[A] No, there are no requirements. Anyone can participate. However, the required study time will vary depending on your study environment and current Japanese language proficiency, so we will provide you with an approximate study plan through a preliminary level check.

[A] For private lessons, you can choose the day and time of the week that best suits your needs. Class lessons are scheduled on a fixed date and time.

[A] TCJ is a Japanese language school with a high level of ICT educational literacy that was one of the first to introduce online education. Our high quality online Japanese language study and exam guidance has resulted in a high level of academic achievement. Our graduates and current students have also commented that "TCJ's online classes are just as good as face-to-face classes," so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

[A] Yes, additional time can be added for an additional fee, please contact us.

[A] Yes, an additional fee is required, but it is possible, so please consult with us.

[A] Yes. For those whose place of attendance is outside of Japan, if the cancellation is requested before the first class starts, the amount of the refund will be made excluding the cancellation administration fee of 22,000 yen (tax included). Refunds will be made by bank transfer in principle, and the bank transfer fee will be deducted from the refund amount.

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