This course is for students who are aiming to enter a vocational /technical school.
In order to acquire knowledge and skills for your desired profession, it is very important for you to acquire the high level of Japanese communication skills to pass the admission interview.
For this reason, in addition to studying Japanese for the JLPT exam, this vocational /technical school course actively organizes activities such as poster presentations, speech and debate competitions to improve communication skills in the course.
We provide original career guidance for students to go on to higher education in popular fields such as tourism, hotel, interpreter/translation, business, accounting, IT engineering, cooking, confectionery, and fashion, as well as measures for the admission interviews.

ICT Education
- Personal My page(with Login ID and Password) will be given to all students. You can access to the school and class information.
- You use Google Classroom to communicate with teachers and Classmates. Personal device (PC, tablet, mobile) can be used.

Guide to Studying in Japan

If you would like to get a comprehensive and clear picture of the admission process, necessary procedures, and what you will be able to achieve by studying in Japan, please begin by proceeding to the following page.

Guide to Studying in Japan

Qualifications for Admission

Applicants must have completed 12 years of education in their home country or equivalent. After a written interview and examination conducted by TCJ’s Student Affairs staff, students who have passed the prescribed screening process are eligible for admission.

School Hours

Morning Class (4 sessions, 3 hours)
1st Period, 2nd Period 9:00~10:30 / 3rd Period, 4th Period 10:50~12:20

Afternoon Class (4 sessions, 3 hours)
5th Period, 6th Period 13:20~14:50 / 7th Period, 8th Period 15:10~16:40

- There are two types of classes: morning and afternoon classes, and students will study at one of these times depending on their year and class level.

- Classes are held from Monday to Friday. There are no classes on Japanese national holidays or school holidays.

School Fee

  First Year Second Year
April Enrollment
(1 year)
Jul Enrollment
(9 month)
Oct Enrollment
(6 month)
Jan Enrollment
(3 month)
Entrance examination Fee 22,000 JPY        
Enrollment Fee 44,000 JPY
For Study Abroad Insurance 10,000 JPY 10,000 JPY 7,800 JPY 5,500 JPY 3,200 JPY
Tuition Fee 770,000 JPY 770,000 JPY 577,500 JPY 385,000 JPY 192,500 JPY
Administrative Fee 44,000 JPY 44,000 JPY 33,000 JPY 22,000 JPY 11,000 JPY
Total 890,000 JPY 824,000 JPY 618,300 JPY 412,500 JPY 206,700 JPY

*All prices include 10% tax.
*For more information on “International Student Insurance”, please click here.
*TCJ’s original high-level private lessons are available for those who want to improve their Japanese language skills and enter a high-level school.

Process for Admission

Enrollment is available four times a year, in April, July, October and January.
If you start in April, you can study abroad for up to two years. Please select an entrance period that allows you to develop your Japanese language skills enough to prepare for your desired higher education or employment.
*We have a limited number of seats available.
1) Please fill out the inquiry form and send it to us.
2) You will be interviewed in person or online with a TCJ Student Affairs staff member. Tell us as specific a goal as possible about your desired career path.
3) Complete and submit all necessary documents to TCJ and transfer the application fee to the school. 
4) TCJ will apply for a “Certificate of Eligibility” on behalf of the applicant to the Immigration Bureau.
5) After examination by the Immigration Bureau, TCJ will receive the applicant’s Certificate of Eligibility.
6) We will issue an invoice for tuition fees.
7) After confirming the payment, TCJ will send the applicant a Certificate of Entrance and a Certificate of Eligibility.
8) Applicants are required to apply for and obtain a student visa at the Japanese embassy or consulate in their home country.
9) Before coming to Japan, you will prepare for your life and proceed with the booking of your airplane ticket.
10) Your study abroad life has begun!

You will come to Japan with a student visa and will be granted “student” visa status when you enter the country. You can work part-time for up to 28 hours per week if you get a permit to engage in part-time work. At the time of visa renewal, a certain level of attendance is required.


Documents about the applicant
Required Document Remarks
Application form and pledge In student’s handwriting
Curriculum Vitae
Six pieces of photographs
Original copy of your most recent graduation certificate, Original copy of your academic transcript
Certificate of student status, Certificate of employment In student’s handwriting
You must write your name as it appears on your passport.
You must write a clear and detailed explanation of why you want to study at TCJ.
*If you have graduated for more than 5 years from the final academic background, you need a explanation of your career.
Japanese proficiency certificates (If any) 1) If you want to prove it in the test, a pass letter of N5 or higher
2) Certificate of over 150 hours for Japanese language”
Copy of passport Displaying photograph page
*If you have entered Japan previously, please also attach pages with your Japanese immigration stamps
Documents of financial supporter
Required Document Remarks
Expense statement and family list If the sponsor is in Japan or self-supported, some of the submitted materials will be different.
Documents certifying the relationship with the applicant Birth certificate, notary certificate, etc.
Documents that prove the family structure of the sponsor Doorbook, copy of family register
Deposit balance certificate Documents proving the deposit balance of supporter
Documents that prove the
occupation of the sponsor
Proof of employment
Demonstration materials for the funding process of the last three years Copy of bank balance statement, statement of payment, etc.
Documents that prove income for the past three years Income certificate/tax payment certificate
*All documents must be issued within three months of the date of application. (In case of overseas issuance, a special exception is possible within 6 months.)
*All non-Japanese documents must have a Japanese or English translation.
*You may be asked to submit additional documents during the admission selection process or during the review of the Certificate of Eligibility by the Immigration Bureau.

Required documents vary depending on your personal situation, country or region, so please consult with us in advance.
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