This is TCJ’s original, results-committed speed-learning program to improve your Japanese language skills three times faster than usual.
For example, it usually takes 9 months to get from JLPT N5 level to N3 level, but in order to do so in 3 months, you need high-quality lessons and continuous OUTPUT-oriented self-study. With our speed-learning private lessons, our professional Japanese language instructors will accompany you from the planning stage of your schedule and provide you with repeated private coaching support in order to help you improve your Japanese in a short period of time.
This program is ideal for business executives who want to take high quality training in a private environment and for students who want to rapidly improve their Japanese language skills in order to advance to higher education in difficult-to-enter schools.

Qualifications for Admission

There are no admission requirements. Everyone is welcome to join the class.

School Hours

Face-to-face lessons (commuter or online) once a week for 120 minutes.
Coaching Support 30 minutes a day, every weekday.
You and your teacher can decide on the day and time of the lessons and the type of course (schooling or online). We can provide you with flexible daily support to meet your needs. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

School Fee

Enrollment fee Tuition Total
School Fee 22,000 JPY 558,600 JPY 580,600 JPY
*This is a 3-month intensive program, but it can be extended after the 3-month program is completed.
*It is recommended to take this program at the same time as other optional courses such as the Intensive class for JLPT and the Intensive class for Job Hunting.

Process for Admission

The school is available four times a year on a schedule of April, July, October and January. It is possible to enroll in school during the term.

1) Please fill out the application form.
2) Please take an online level check test before the interview.
3) We will conduct an interview either at face-to-face or online. Please be as specific as possible about your purpose for studying Japanese and your target level of Japanese. We will confirm your Japanese language level through conversations and class observations, and propose the most appropriate class for you.
4) We will issue an invoice for tuition fees.
5) After confirming your payment, the class starts!


Upon completion of the class, a certificate of completion can be issued.
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