【Free ERFS Issue】 Let’s go to Japan with a working-holiday visa!

“I want to live in Japan!”
“I want to use Japanese at work in the future!”
“I want to learn Japanese as much as possible during my stay!”
TCJ will support your dreams.

The entry restrictions have been gradually lifted. As of this month, group travelers will be allowed to enter Japan.

TCJ currently issues the ERFS for free to those who enter Japan with a working-holiday visa or other short-stay visa.
Are you planning to live and work in Japan for a short period of time? Do you want to enjoy Japan to the fullest? Do you want to learn some "real Japanese" while you are in Japan? This is the perfect opportunity to learn Japanese with us at TCJ.

【What is “ERFS”?】

The Japanese Government has imposed strict restrictions for traveling during the Covid Pandemic.
As of March 1, 2022, measures have been eased for foreigners wishing to enter Japan.
Based on this new immigration system, travelers from overseas will be required to be covered by the "Entrants, Returnees Follow-up System (ERFS)" and obtain health care from a company, school, or other organization based in Japan.

Foreigners entering Japan for the first time for working-holiday or short-term stay (3 months or less) need to obtain an "ERFS" to get a visa. They also need a host organization.

【How to apply】

The class which ERFS is issued for is the "Daytime Standard Class”.
By studying Japanese language every weekday for 5 days, students can learn the basics in a short period of time. Enrollment is possible at any time.

1) Fill out/submit the inquiry form
2) Take the online level check test in advance!
3) Counseling session to discuss details
4) After confirming the initial payment and submitting the health declaration form, ERFS will be issued by TCJ.
5) Obtain a short-term visa, determine flight date and time, and decide where to stay in Japan.
6) After entering Japan, lessons start!

​​TCJ will do the best to support your challenge! We are looking forward to meeting you in Japan!
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