【Online lesson】Zero beginner class will start on May. 13th

【Class Details】
・Class hour: Mon, Wed ,Fri from 10:00-12:00 (JST)
       Sun, Tue, Thu from 21:00-23:00 (EDT)
・Class level: Complete beginner level
・Lesson style: Fully online
・Pricing: https://onl.sc/FmYm89p
【Three features of the Light Daytime Class 】
 1. Emphasis on conversation skills
・Become able to enjoy conversation with friends in Japanese.
・Learn communication skills to live independently in Japan on your own.
・More conversation practice than reading and writing practice, giving you practical Japanese language practice.
 2. Easily balanced with other work
・3 days a week, 2 hours a day
・Class times that do not conflict with child drop-off and pick-up times
・Convenient time to attend lessons after work from abroad (EST, PST, etc.)
・One day off between lessons allows plenty of time for review.
 3. Socialize
・Connect with your multinational classmates
・Make friendships that will make your life in Japan more meaningful
・Conduct realistic Japanese communication with Japanese teachers even when abroad
【Zero beginner class Special Offer!】
⓵ Limited-time offer!
Entrance fee is 90% off!
Normally 22,000 >> 2,000!
     * Only first 5 applicants get this offer!
     * This offer is applicable to 12 months enrollment.

⓶ TCJ Original E-materials for N5,N4 beginners, completely free!
Both e-materials and e-workbooks are available free of charge. (11,000 yen equivalent)
*For intermediate level and above, one free Main Textbook will be given to you.

⓷ Private lessons available at a special price!
 If you want to take private lessons a few times a month in addition to the class lessons, you can apply a set discount and get a special price.
    -I want to follow up on a class lesson.
    -I want to study something different from class lessons (e.g. focus on reading/writing, JLPT preparation, etc.)
 You can take lessons from 1 hour per month! Please take advantage of this chance.
All students enrolling in TCJ from July will be provided with video study support, which they can use to prepare for and review your daily studies. Why don't you start learning Japanese for daily life, for your work, JLPT, Kanji ? TCJ can offer anything else you want to learn!
【Additional offers】
⓵ For those who pay tuition in full by bank transfer >>3,000- 5,000 yen discount from the total.
⓶ Up to 16,500 yen cash back campaign!
  For those who have completed a one-year contract.
  The amount of cash back differs depending on the course.
⓷ Refer-a-Friend Campaign
  Refer a friend and get 5,000 yen for each of you and your friend who enrolls together!
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