First International Award in Japanese Language Education Industry

Takumi Nakazawa, TCJ's president, has received the Education 2.0-Outstanding Leadership Award. The international award is given to individuals, companies, and organizations that have demonstrated outstanding leadership in all educational activities, including educational industry, academic research, and social activities that address global issues. In the Japanese language education industry, this is the first time to have been awarded this prize.
Award ceremony in Dubai, UAE on December 17, 2022.
TCJ is committed to providing high-quality, long-term sustainable Japanese language education to achieve the learning goals of each individual learner of Japanese.

The award was given in recognition of TCJ's efforts to provide Japanese language education that meets individual learning needs. Not only the support for corporate training of foreign human resources and Japanese language support for people living in Japan, but also for continued learning for international students using digital and ICT technologies under long term immigration restrictions.

TCJ's ongoing efforts to enhance the value of Japanese language learning have made it extremely popular among students. TCJ's courses for international students have been selected by students from more than 35 countries, and its courses for working residents in Japan have been selected by students from 70 countries. TCJ is also one of the largest institutions for the Japanese teacher training program and has produced numerous qualified teachers.

President Nakazawa: “We believe that the efforts of all of our faculty and staff have been recognized by the world. On the other hand, there are still many unresolved issues in the Japanese language education industry, and there is a shortage of human resources to take on these tasks.
Through our business activities, we will continue to provide value to all those who study Japanese, and we will strive to solve social issues and provide world-class Japanese language education services to all our students.”

More information about the award:
Past Awardees Dubai Winter 2022

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