March 11, 2022 112th Graduation Ceremony

The 112th graduation ceremony was held today on March 11, 2022.
To prevent the spread of COVID-19, TCJ did not hold a graduation ceremony at the large venue, but instead a diploma and a souvenir were given from the teacher in charge in the classroom.

Due to the spread of the infection in Tokyo, all international students' classes have been conducting online and hybrid classes since January 20th, so students meet again after a long time with classmates.

In the class, the teachers read out their names one by one, and the students answered "yes!" and received their diplomas.The students with 100% attendance were given a perfect attendance award certificate and prize money along with their diploma.
Maintaining 100% attendance is a real challenge, but this year seven graduates have won a perfect attendance award!
After giving the diploma and souvenirs, they also watched the message video from the teachers. The graduates watched the message from the teacher who took care of students seriously.
After graduation, they also filled out the documents that needed to be submitted to the Tokyo Immigration Bureau with their teacher in the class.

After the award ceremony in the class, class photos of all the class members were taken in front of the reception on the 4th floor, and after that, everyone took pictures for each other. A flower event was also held in front of the reception, and each student gave a gift to their classmates, teachers, and friends who wanted to give a flower as a gift.
Most of the graduates this year were greatly influenced by Corona from the beginning of their study at TCJ.Starting with online classes in their home country, there were many inconveniences, and I think there were many times when they couldn't live the life they wanted to study abroad.
Even so, I think it is wonderful that they continued to study Japanese without giving up until the end and continued to make efforts.
Our teachers and staff here were always energized by the hard work and brightness of the graduates.
We look forward to seeing everyone who has graduated from TCJ play an active role in various fields.

Congratulations to all graduates!
TCJ will continue to support you!
& DM