Entrance Ceremony on April 12th 2021

Hello, everyone.

Congratulations on your enrollment. I would like to welcome you all to TCJ.

We will be starting a new semester in the form of online classes,
without actually being able to come to Japan yet.
This new start is different from what you expected, and many of you may feel anxious.
However, as the saying goes, "There is no rain that never stops and no night that never dawns."
We believe that the unprecedented plague that has thrown the world into turmoil will one day pass.

We are sure that each of you has your own goals and dreams for studying in Japan.
Some of you may want to enter a Japanese university, graduate school, or vocational school,
while others may want to work in Japan in the future.
At TCJ, we want to provide you with the necessary foundation in Japanese language and culture,
so that you can realize your dreams and become an active member of the global community.

Please begin studying Japanese in your own country first,
so that you can have a fulfilling life after you come to Japan.
We will see you in Japan, waiting for you!
& DM