A summer staple! ~Nagashi Somen~

When it comes to summer in Japan, there are a lot of events, right?
I would like to introduce to you an event and popular summer food that you should try at least once in the summer~!

Have you ever heard or seen the word "Nagashi Somen"?
In Japan, many people eat Nagashi Somen in the summer!
By the way, have you ever eaten “somen"?
In Japan, somen is one of the most popular summer foods.
In summer, when you don't have an appetite, many people can eat a bowl of cold somen.
There are many types of somen, but 「揖保乃糸」(Ibo-no-ito) somen is very popular! If you see it in a supermarket in Japan, please try it!

What is Nagashi Somen?

Nagashi Somen is made by splitting a piece of bamboo in half lengthwise and connecting it to form a water channel, into which water and somen are poured.
In the past, families would gather at their grandparents' house and have Nagashi Somen in the garden, a popular summer event!
Nowadays, you can easily enjoy it at a Nagashi Somen specialty store or at home with a Nagashi Somen machine!
Also, since it is hard to prepare bamboo, many families make their own handmade Nagashi Somen tables using milk cartons or plastic bottles.
Why do we flow the “Nagashi Somen” in a half-cut bamboo cut pipe Nagashi Somen?

The best part about summer somen is that it's served cold!
If you just soak the somen in tap water, the temperature of the water will rise in the summer heat and it will become lukewarm. So, by leaving the water running, you can always eat cold somen.
It is also said that many people enjoy Nagashi Soumen as an event in summer because it is much more fun to eat flowing Somen than just eating Somen on a plate on the table!

I hope you will try Nagashi Somen as a summer event in Japan!

& DM