A Tour of Japanese Culture: Castles

A Tour of Japanese Culture: Castles

 Every country has its own castles, and even in modern society there are many castles that have been preserved in their original state as tourist attractions.

 Japan is no exception, and there are castles in various parts of the country that are still standing or have been restored to their original state hundreds of years ago.

①Himeji Castle in Hyogo Prefecture (photo)
②Echizen Ono Castle in Fukui Prefecture (photo)
③Matsumoto Castle in Nagano Prefecture (photo)
There are more than 100 castles and castle ruins in Japan, including "Kumamoto Castle" in Kumamoto Prefecture, "Osaka Castle" in Osaka Prefecture, "Nagoya Castle" in Aichi Prefecture, "Wakayama Castle" in Wakayama Prefecture, and "Aizuwakamatsu Castle" in Fukui Prefecture.

 I will briefly explain about three of them that I have posted pictures of.
①Himeji-jo・・・Himeji-jo is the most popular castle in Japan and is visited by many foreign tourists. It is Japan's "National Treasure" and has been selected as a "World Cultural Heritage" by the United Nations Unesco. It is also called "Shirasagi Castle" because of its beautiful white appearance.
②Echizen Ono Castle・・・Echizen Ono Castle is also called "Castle in the Sky" because a sea of clouds tends to form around the castle, making it look like it is in the sky. The sea of clouds tends to appear between November and January.
③Matsumoto Castle・・・Matsumoto Castle is one of Japan's "National Treasures" and is a beautiful jet-black castle with the Northern Alps in the background. It is called "Kurosagi Castle" in contrast to Himeji Castle's "Shirasagi Castle".

 Castles in Japan are popular tourist spots among foreigners. I've been to Himeji Castle myself, and was overwhelmed by its beauty and grandeur!

 When you come to Japan to study, please visit the existing castles around Japan on weekends or summer vacations, try the local specialties, soak in hot springs, and get to know the castle towns and the local dialect.
 Even if you're not interested in Japanese history or the samurai , I'm sure that touring castles will give you a wonderful experience that you just can't have in Tokyo!

 In addition to anime and sushi, I hope you will be able to experience the Japanese customs and climate through "castles," one of the proudest aspects of Japanese culture!

 If you go to the castle after you come to study in Japan, please tell me about it at the school reception in Japanese!

& DM