About the 2021 JLPT test

JLPT is held twice a year, in July and December.

●In 2021, JLPT is scheduled to be held on Sunday, July 4 and Sunday, December 5.
●The application period for the test scheduled in July this year will be from Friday, March 26 to Friday, April 16, 5:00 pm.

Notice to those who are planning to take JLPT this year!
TCJ offers specialized classes to prepare students for JLPT.
Whether you are busy with work or have other things to do during the day, we recommend our JLPT Preparation Class, which you can attend once a week in the evening, available online or in person.

●Each class is divided into different levels to provide the best learning experience.
●Using assignments as a basis, we provide you with all the support you need to enhance your vocabulary, grammar, etc.

If you would like more information or would like to take a trial lesson, please contact us (੭ ु´ ・ ω ・ `) ੭ ु⁾⁾

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