What you can achieve in Japan Part 1 ~Going to university~

In the previous article, we talked about the characteristics and advantages of studying in Japan,
and this time we would like to talk about going to university in Japan.

What kind of preparation do you think you need to enter a university?
EJU exam? JLPT N2 level?
In the university entrance exam, the following abilities are checked.

・Japanese language ability
・Ability to take a class at university in Japanese
・Ability to write a statement of purpose for application.
・English proficiency (especially for public universities and difficult-to-enter private universities)

It is important to get a high score on the EJU, but that is not the only way to prepare for higher education.
At university, you will have many opportunities to read books, write reports, and engage in discussions.
While in Japanese language school, you need to acquire not only the four skills of Japanese language, but also the ability to study with Japanese students at university. TCJ can help you do that!

At TCJ, you will learn not only the reading and listening skills (input) required for the examinations, but also the ability to think, express yourself, and communicate your thoughts in your own words, writing, and speaking (output) through communication and social classes. In TCJ, you will get lots of practice communicating in Japanese. These skills will be tested in university entrance exams (interviews, essays, etc.) and will also be necessary in later school and social life.

The only time you can concentrate on learning Japanese is while you are at the Japanese language school.
We strongly encourage you to not only prepare for the examinations, but also to improve your overall Japanese language skills.
& DM