April 1st April Fool’s Day

Do you know April Fool's Day?
Also, is there an event called April Fool's Day in your country?
Today I would like to talk to you about April Fool's Day.

Only April Fool's Day is April 1st, and anyone can tell a lie (joke) in Japan.
Of course, you need to follow the minimum rules so as not to hurt people.
Not only jokes between family and friends, but also interesting information and products come out from various media and companies.

April Fool's Day has many people thinking about various jokes, but I remember being hurt by the lies of my best friend when I was studying abroad.
When I was studying abroad, my best friend told me seriously, "I had to return to the country because of my family's circumstances."
I completely forgot that day was 4/1 and believed in my best friend's story.
When I was really depressed, She said, "Today is April Fool's Day! It's a lie."
Since then April Fool's Day 4/1 has been careful!
I saw one tweet in a LINE before.
"In an emergency, it's easy to get confused by hoaxes, lies, and unfounded rumors.
The spread of good intentions can lead to unexpected new confusion.
Please do not swallow the incoming information, but be sure to confirm the source and grounds of the information before spreading it. "
In this way, it seems that some people send out excessive false information on SNS. April Fool's Day is a fun event, but follow the rules!
[Reference: LINE]

It seems that there are various methods and names for April Fool's Day events depending on the countries of the world.

Japan :Translated literally「四月馬鹿」Most of them are called April Fool's Day in modern times.
China  :It is called「愚人節」
France :It is called「プワソン・ダヴリル」(Poisson d'avril, April fish)
England :There is a custom that the deadline for lying is noon, but it seems to be done all day in other areas.
[Reference: Wikipedia]

What kind of event is April 1 April Fool's Day in your country?
Also, what kind of memories of April Fool's Day do you have?
When you come to Japan, please tell us about April Fool's Day in your country ~
& DM