Autumn scenery~Autumn Leaves!

With the heat of summer fading away, here comes the cool autumn.
Speaking of autumn in Japan, we must mention the red leaves that can be seen in mid-October.
When you go out to watch the red leaves, you have to know the viewing time and traffic information in advance.
Today we recommend to you the famous scenic spots in Kanto where you can watch the autumn leaves!
Tochigi prefecture: Nichien Momiji Line

The Nichien Momoji Line in Tochigi prefecture is a 28.5-kilometer self-driving route connecting Kinugawa River and Shiohara Hot Springs. Although the scenery of this route is spectacular all the year round, the viewing of red leaves in autumn is absolutely overwhelming. In addition, not only the red leaves, the winding mountain road is also very popular. Driving is also attractive that suitable for those who own cars.

Access:Nikko Utsunomiya Road IC, via the 121st National Highway, driving 20 kilometers from Kinugawa River
The best viewing season: early October to mid-November
Gunma prefecture: Akagi-san

Akagi-san in Gunma Prefecture is one of the top 100 famous mountains in Japan. The huge volcanic lake is surrounded by mountains, in which you can feel the magnificent and beautiful natural scenery. Red and yellow reflect each other, and the reflection on the lake is definitely worth seeing.

In the season of watching red leaves, although there are a lot of tourists, you can still relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. An one-day red leaves trip from Tokyo by train is recommended.

Access:From Shinjuku Station to JR Maebashi Station (1 hour 38 minutes), transfer to Akagi-san bound bus (15 minutes)

The best viewing season: mid-October to early November
Chiba prefecture: Yoro keikoku

At the bottom of the valley in the upper reaches of the Yoro river in Chiba Prefecture, there are a variety of red leaves scenic spots, where are Mecca holy places for hiking in autumn in Japan. It is a little late to watch the red leaves here, so it is recommended that your visit in the late autumn.

Before reaching the Yoro Keikoku valley, there is also a narrow mountain road, where you can enjoy the unique wild tourism of the mountain road. It is also recommended to take an one-day trip from Tokyo.

Access:From Shinjuku Station to Yoro Keikoku Station, transfer 4 times (about 3 hours and 19 minutes)
The best viewing season: late November to early December

Feeling the cool autumn wind and run briskly in nature, which is probably the most comfortable season for travel. Everyone must have a personal experience of the scenery of red leaves that must be enjoyed in autumn in Japan.
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