Hot and humid summer in Japan – Be careful of heat stroke!

As I write this article today (August 16), a maximum temperature of 36.4 degrees Celsius was observed in central Tokyo. This is the 16th time this year that the temperature has reached 35°C or higher.
This is the highest number of extremely hot days, so called “Mōshobi”, since statistics began.
The summer in Japan is characterized by high humidity in addition to high temperatures.
Looking at temperatures only, it seems that Southeast Asia and South Asia are hotter than Japan. I have heard some exchange students say, "Summer in Japan is harder than in my country.”
On days that are as hot and humid as if you were in a sauna, even a short walk outside can make you sweat like crazy and make it hard to breathe. Those spending their first summer in Japan may be surprised at how hot it is.

Heat stroke is a particular concern during the hot and humid summer months in Japan.
Heat stroke is an illness caused by heat buildup in the body. Heat stroke can occur not only outdoors, but also indoors.
Early symptoms of heat stroke include dizziness, loss of appetite, muscle aches, and a variety of other symptoms. If you feel even the slightest change in your physical condition, move to an air-conditioned room or, if outdoors, to a well-ventilated place to cool down and rehydrate.
Do not hesitate to call an ambulance if you are unable to take fluids on your own or if you have any symptoms.

~ To prevent heat stroke ~.

(1) Adjust the temperature frequently with a fan or air conditioner.

(2) Block sunlight from entering the room with light-shielding curtains, drapes, etc.

(3) Wear parasols and hats when going out.

(4) Use shade and take frequent breaks when working outdoors.

(5) Use cooling materials, ice, cold towels, etc.

(6) Drink water and salt frequently.

(7) Wear cool, sweat-absorbent clothing.

(8) Remove the mask if you can maintain a sufficient distance from people

The Japan Meteorological Agency issues a "Heat Stroke Alert" on days when temperatures and humidity are likely to be very high. You can check the weather forecast on TV or the Internet. Be careful of heat stroke, and enjoy the hot and humid Japanese summer in comfort!
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