Choosing the best Japanese language study method for you

Many of you who are searching for the best way to learn Japanese, or who have seriously considered it in the past, have probably struggled with the choice between group lessons and private lessons.
 ・What is the difference between private lessons and group lessons?
 ・Who is suited for private lessons?
 ・What should I keep in mind when choosing private lessons?
Let us answer the questions above that many of you may have.
1. Main differences between group lessons and private lessons
As everyone knows, a group lesson is a style of lesson in which several students take lessons together with one teacher, but this means that the students study according to a fixed class schedule and class curriculum. Class curriculum and study content vary in terms of characteristics from school to school and course to course, so it is important that you choose a class with a curriculum that suits you best.
On the other hand, private lessons are more flexible in terms of lesson schedule and content, since there is only one teacher for each student. Keep in mind, however, that the tuition fee for private lessons generally costs more than that for group lessons.

2.Who is suited for private lessons?
To put it simply, people who are suited for private lessons are those who want to study at their own pace or who want to focus on specific content to maximize the effectiveness of their studies.
Generally speaking, group lessons are designed to provide a well-balanced study of the four skills of Japanese language (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). While it is important for beginners to learn the four skills in a well-balanced manner, for intermediate and advanced students who, for example, want to focus on business conversation practice to prepare for an interview test, it is more efficient and effective to study in private lessons with content suited to their needs.

3. What should you consider when choosing private lessons?
There are many schools and companies that offer private lessons, ranging from cheap online matching platforms to those that emphasize quality over price. Below are some points to be aware of when choosing private lessons.
 a. Quality of teachers
This is probably the most important point when choosing a private lesson. No matter how famous a school or company is, if the chemistry between you and the teacher is not good, or if the quality of the teacher is poor, it will be meaningless, right?
  Here at TCJ ☟
   ✔All of our teachers are certified Japanese language teachers.
   ✔We are one of the largest Japanese language teacher training programs in Japan and guarantee the quality of our teachers.

 b. Matching of the teacher and students
This is related to the point above, but it is also important to make sure that the right teacher will be assigned to you. Take note of the process by which the school you are considering is assigning teachers.
  Here at TCJ your teacher will be selected with the following points in consideration:
   ✔ Lesson schedule
   ✔Whether or not the student requires support in English, Chinese, etc.
   ✔The teacher's area of expertise (elementary conversation, business communication, JLPT, etc.)

 c. Quality of Learning Content Design
One of the biggest advantages of private lessons is the flexibility of the learning content. Pay attention to how well the private lessons you are considering will design the learning content that best meets your requirements.
  Here at TCJ☟
  ✔Curriculum is designed after two individual counseling sessions, an interview at the time of initial inquiry and an interview with the teacher present.
  ✔Your progress and satisfaction will be constantly monitored not only by your teacher, but by admin staff though multiple surveys and reports. Modification will be made to your study plans accordingly.

We hope you found this information helpful in choosing the study method that is right for you. If you have any questions about Japanese language study, please feel free to contact us. Our professional study support staff will provide free counseling and assessment of your Japanese language skills.

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