The prevention measures against Covid-19 at TCJ after the state of emergency was lifted

On Sunday, March 21, after 2.5 months since it was declared, the state of emergency was lifted in Tokyo and three other prefectures.
Although we still need to be monitoring the situation closely,we believe we are gradually moving in the brighter direction.

Recently TCJ held its 108th graduation ceremony and we were delighted to see the students progressing on a new path.
We as TCJ hope that the students can take good care of themselves, study hard, and work hard in their new life.
Prevention measures against Covid-19 at TCJ
At the same time, TCJ is also preparing to welcome our new students in April 2021.
At present, since the entry restrictions for students coming from abroad have not been lifted, classes starting in April will be conducted online for a while.
We look forward to seeing the students once the restrictions are lifted.

Please be sure to follow the following rules for the prevention measures against Covid-19 at TCJ.

1.Wear a mask.
2.Take your temperature every day (TCJ teacher/staff will do at TCJ).
3.Sanitizing and ventilation
4. If you feel unwell, please inform your teacher immediately.

Thank you for your cooperation.
& DM