Depreciation of the Yen ー Now is your chance to study in Japan❕❕

The Japanese currency depreciated to 144 yen to the US dollar, the weakest level since 1998, on September 8, 2022(*). I think people working in Japan feel very sad when the yen depreciates. The simple reason is that when the yen weakens, the value of money decreases when exchanging it for your country's currency.
However, if you stand outside of Japan and think about it, you will see a completely different picture. Right now, the yen is so cheap that it is a great situation to travel to Japan and shop in Japan, which reduces your expenses.
Similarly, think about studying in Japan.
In 2020, it would have cost about $7.547 to pay 800,000 yen, now it would cost about $5.556. You can save $1.991 and it's amazing. And as a condition for studying abroad, a TOEFL score of approximately 7.0 or higher is required to study in the U.K. or the U.S. To study in Japan, you only need to pass the JLPT at the elementary level, N5.

Japan is world renowned for its civilization, cleanliness, security, and safe living environment. If you come to Japan, you will learn not only advanced technology, but also time and work discipline.

Also, for foreigners like myself who have lived in Japan for a long time, I think Japan is a very attractive country with its beautiful nature, cherry blossom season, gorgeous fireworks season, and autumn foliage season. Since it is autumn now, it would be great to travel and see the fall colors in late October or November. For me, I have something to look forward to throughout the year and I am happy to spend my life in Japan.
The yen is currently weaker and the cost of studying in Japan is lower than before, so if you are considering studying in Japan, now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity. I am not sure how long the yen will remain weak, but I believe that the Japanese government will adopt a policy of a strong yen. Therefore, I think it will be an advantage in the future to study Japanese well now, during this time when the cost of studying in Japan can be reduced, and to go on to higher education and acquire a degree. If you are able to find a job in Japan when the yen recovers, you will feel a little better off because you will have more money to exchange into your home currency.

People's desire to learn is unlimited.If you really like Japan, nature, and the Japanese spirit, take this opportunity to come to Japan.

And if you are looking for a way to study in Japan, please send a message to TCJ. We will be happy to provide you with a free counseling session.

Have a great day and please look forward to the next article.
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