Enroll in Japanese N4 Level Class

Unleash Your Potential with N4 Level Mastery:
Are you ready to elevate your Japanese language skills? Our N4 level classes are now open, providing you with a golden opportunity to enhance your proficiency and fluency. Step into a world of linguistic excellence and cultural understanding with our dynamic and immersive program.

Two class hours available for N4 level now!
- Mon ~ Fri 9:00 AM ~12:20 PM
- Tue, Wed, Thu 7:00 PM ~ 9:00 PM

Key Features of Our N4 Level Classes:
1. Immediate Access:
- Take the leap into Japanese proficiency today! Our N4 level class is currently open for enrollment, ensuring you can start your language journey without delay.

2. Learning Faster in Small Unit method:
-The small unit study method created by TCJ is designed to help students learn and consolidate their Japanese language skills at a rate 30% faster than typical learning styles.

3. Passionate Educators:
- Learn from passionate instructors dedicated to your success. Our certified professional teachers bring a wealth of experience and enthusiasm, making your language-learning journey both engaging and effective.

4. Real-world Application:
- Immerse yourself in real-world scenarios through interactive exercises, role-playing, and conversational activities, preparing you for seamless communication in everyday situations.

5. Cutting edge ICT Education
- All classes are hybrid with TCJ's digital resources. Students have 'My Page' for easy access to class info, and communication is via Google Classroom on any device.

6. Progress Tracking:
- Monitor your progress with regular assessments and feedback sessions, ensuring you stay on track towards achieving N4 level proficiency.

Enroll Now and Ignite Your Japanese Journey:
Ready to embark on a journey towards Japanese fluency? Enroll now in our N4 level class and take the first step towards unlocking a world of opportunities.

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Seize the chance to master Japanese at the N4 level and open doors to new friendships, cultural understanding, and limitless possibilities!
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