April 10, 2023 Entrance Ceremony

The entrance ceremony was held on April 10, 2023. This time we welcomed about 150 international students from the United States, England, Iran, India, Uzbekistan, Australia, Canada, Spain, Sri Lanka, Germany, Turkey, Nepal, Vietnam, Benin, Myanmar, Russia, Taiwan, and China. We are happy to have such a large number of students from so many different countries enrolling at TCJ.

At the entrance ceremony, after a congratulatory address by Dean Nakazawa, students from China, Myanmar, and Australia gave speeches as representatives of the new students. Although everyone was nervous, they gave wonderful speeches in Japanese about their aspirations and dreams for the future.

After the entrance ceremony, an orientation on school rules and manners for living in Japan was held. During the orientation, the students learned about school rules and Japanese manners.
In the congratulatory speech by Dean Nakazawa at the entrance ceremony, he made two promises to the new students, which I would like to share with you here.

The first is "to come to school every day to learn.

It is absolutely necessary for you to acquire a high level of Japanese language skills in order to be able to pursue your desired career path in Japan. In our long experience, we have seen students who have never stopped learning and who have worked hard in their Japanese studies achieve their desired future. Your teachers and classmates look forward to studying with you every day. The first promise is to come to school every day.

The second is to support your classmates.

Not only you, but also your classmates are here in Japan to realize their dreams and goals for the future. When your classmates are in trouble, you should support them. When you are in trouble, your classmates will support you. The second promise is to "support your classmates.
I believe that each of you new students came to Japan with your own goals and dreams. If you have any problems that you thought you had, please consult with your TCJ teachers, and TCJ will do its best to support your goals and dreams.
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