~Exhibit at EXPAT EXPO TOKYO 2021~

On November 5th and 6th, TCJ participated in "EXPAT EXPO TOKYO 2021", a two-day exhibition for foreigners living in Japan, at the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center in Hamamatsucho.

TCJ participated in EXPAT EXPO TOKYO for the second time, following last year's event.
This year, about 3,000 people visited the event over the two days.

TCJ had a booth right in front of the entrance and was able to talk to many visitors.
Also, our current students and graduates came to visit our booth to talk with us.

We met many visitors who are willing to improve their Japanese language skills, from those who have just arrived in Japan to those who have lived in Japan for a long time.
We hope that we have provided an opportunity for those who have always wanted to study Japanese but have never had the chance to do so by talking to them at the event.
At the exhibition, there were events and workshops such as sake tasting and kimono dressing experience, as exhibitors, we also enjoyed participating in our booths.

When the exhibition is held next year, we hope that you will be able to come and enjoy the fun events and get lots of useful information about living in Japan.
TCJ offers courses for international students and foreigners living in Japan, and online courses are also available, so you can study Japanese in a style that suits you best.

We offer free trial lessons and counseling, so please feel free to contact us.

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