Exploring Hanoi, Vietnam

Hello everyone.
My name is Hong Kong, I am from Vietnam. I am currently in charge of recruiting international students at TCJ.
My hometown is located in central Vietnam, and I spent about 6 years studying in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). Before coming to Japan, I had never been to Hanoi or the northern provinces. My image I had of Northern Vietnam was that it appeared in essays and poems I learned in school.

However, in September 2022, on a business trip to Vietnam, I had the opportunity to explore the city of Hanoi. It was a wonderful trip.
My first impression of Hanoi is that it is a beautiful city. Hanoi has a lot of old architecture and buildings that have been built over many years. I went to the old quarter of Hanoi called "36 Streets," where each districts' association sells a specific product. That is my favorite place in Hanoi.
Some of the buildings are aging, such as the Hanoi main station. I didn't have time to stop and take pictures, so we took some as we rode the cab.
Independence Hall and churches are popular destinations for tourists. The architecture is magnificent, and I can see why they are so popular.
What impressed me the most was that Hanoi has a lot of greenery. There is a lot of green space on both sides of the roads and in the parks which seemed pleasant. It would be perfect to avoid the intense heat of Hanoi’s summer.
Hanoi is also famous for its pedestrian streets. At certain times of the day, vehicles are prohibited from entering this road, and this area becomes a pedestrian paradise. There are often many exciting events held here, such as the Ao Dai Festival (presenting traditional long dresses), dance festivals, and social gatherings.
We also visited Hoan Kiem Lake, which was beautiful both day and night. The night view was even more lovely. I have a better understanding of why people love Hanoi after going there. Hanoi is a relaxed city, lively and full of charm and energy. I have come to feel much more familiar with Hanoi after this trip.
I hope you all have the opportunity to visit Hanoi and explore the city to the fullest.
& DM