Additional VIP private lesson discount (Student visa holders only)

Student visa holders are eligible to participate in study programs offered to non-student visa holders with a discounted price. TCJ also offers accelerated learning programs and VIP private lessons for students who want to make rapid progress in their Japanese language skills and prepare for difficult-to-enter universities and graduate schools. Please contact us for details.
Additional Japanese study program for study abroad visa holders
VIP Private Lesson Private lessons with the flexibility to adjust the pace and schedule of your studies. You can also concentrate on your weak points and test preparation, which can be used to prepare for higher education and employment exams.
Speed Learning Program Our private lessons are designed to help you improve your Japanese language skills three times faster than usual, through a combination of OUTPUT-centered lessons and coaching.
JLPT Exam Intensive Course This is a special program to pass the JLPT exam. We will increase your chances of passing the JLPT by thorough preparation for the exam.
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