Ginkgo Avenue Walking Event

It is already the end of November, which means: Turn on the heat and keep your beds warm! Please also be careful to stay healthy and take precautions against colds and infections during the dry winter months.

In Japan, each season has a strong character.
All four seasons offer various seasonal events, beautiful nature and scenery throughout the year.

Autumn means not only reddish leaves, but also one more scenery that can only be enjoyed in autumn: Ginkgo trees. When the yellow-colored ginkgo trees are exposed to the sun, their beauty increases even more.

There's a famous spot right near TCJ where you can see very beautiful ginkgo trees!
It's only a 10-minute walk from TCJ and Shinanomachi Station!
Ginkgo Avenue Meiji-Jingu Gaien Park
It is said that the best time to observe ginkgo is from mid-November to early December.
TCJ staff and students took a walk together through the gingko avenue!
About 20 students showed up!
By the time classes were over, the weather was just perfect, warm and very pleasant.
Some had just arrived in Japan and some had already lived in Japan for several years.
They were all chatting and laughing, taking pictures, and gazing at the beautiful ginkgo trees.
We are glad to be able to provide students with the opportunity to meet other classes of students through this kind of event.
We made a video out of it!
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November was full of events, including the Kanji contest and ginkgo walk!
Next month is the most anticipated event of the year, Christmas🎄!

The TCJ event staff is preparing fun and exciting plans that we are sure you will enjoy.

Please look forward to next month's event announcement.
The end of the year is getting closer.
2022 is almost over.
Continue to do your best to fulfill your wishes!

& DM