Halloween & Kanji Quiz Contest – Event Report

It has suddenly become colder recently.
I hope everyone is taking care not to catch a cold.

We would like to report about the events that took place at TCJ in October and November on campus.

                            【October: Halloween Event】
On Halloween day, Monday, October 31, TCJ held a Halloween costume contest.

On the day of the contest, photos were taken of students who came to school dressed in Halloween costumes.
The photos of the contest participants were later posted around the school.

Each student voted for the best costume, and the top 5 with the most votes received cash prizes and certificates.






Awarding Ceremony

Congratulations to all the winners!

The voting for the cosplay contest was very exciting.
Everyone voted for their favorite cosplay or for their classmates, and it was a very close race.

We hope you will join us again next time.


                     【November: Kanji Quiz Contest】

On Friday, November 11, 2022, the first "Kanji Quiz Contest" was held.

Divided into beginner-level-group and intermediate/advanced-level-group, about 20 students took part in the Kanji quiz.

Each was puzzled, but tried their best to answer the Kanji questions.

The most exciting part was about the radicals of kanji characters.
They wrote as many kanji with that radical as they could within the time limit,

It was especially difficult to think of kanjis with the fish radical, such as “鰹”, which is the skipjack tuna. Even for Japanese, it can be challenging to write down a few without thinking.

After the Kanji quiz, they seemed to enjoy checking their answers with each other.
First and second place and cash prizes were awarded for each group of level.

The Kanji Quiz was well received by the students that we hope to hold the second one again.

If you want to win the prize, you just need to learn more Kanjis. ;)

TCJ plans to continue to hold fun on-campus events seasonally.
I hope you will all join the next event, too!

In November, we will also stroll along the ginkgo avenue together.

See you then and best wishes from the TCJ management team.
& DM