Here is the March 3rd Doll’s Festival menu!

On March 3rd, Japan celebrates Hina-matsuri, a festival celebrating girls♪
In Japan, there's a menu for theHina-matsuri.
Also, it makes sense, so I'll introduce it!

・ Clam soup
 → It contains a wish to be happy in the future.

・Chirashi sushi
 → Shrimp: To Live long until the waist bends
 →Lotus root: To be able to see a long way ahead
 →Beans: To be healthy and work hard

・Hishi Mochi
 →Hishi Mochi (rice cakes) are made with wishes for the healthy growth and prosperous life of girls.

 →Hina-arare is a kind of rice cake that is crushed and baked to make it easier to eat outside.
& DM