Features and advantages of Studying in Japan

Hello! Why do you want to study abroad? 
Studying abroad is a great way to meet people from different countries, experience different cultures and ideas, and gain many experiences that you cannot have in your own country. So, what are the characteristics and advantages of studying in Japan?

・Japanese higher education institutions offer high quality education at a lower cost than in Europe or the United States.

Average Annual Tuition Fees (Universities)
8,400 21,100 12,000 8,800
OECD survey (Unit: USD)

・In addition to general studies, there are higher education institutions where you can study fields unique to Japan such as animation, games, and hospitality.
ex) University : Department of Manga Media, Department of Animation, Department of Game
Vocational College : Manga course, Voice actor course,
Sushi and Washoku course, Wedding planner course
*TCJ also has a partnership with schools that can study these fields. Please contact us for more information.

・Through life in Japan, you can experience the unique culture and food culture of Japan. (Some students take karate lessons or visit ramen shops after school.)
・In Japan, there is very little crime and you can spend your time studying abroad in a safe environment. (The dropped wallet may come back!!)

I think that there are many different reasons, purposes, and goals for studying Japanese. We call this "Ten people, ten colors" in Japanese. Many people may want to study at graduate school, want a university degree, study Japanese cuisine, get a job in Japan and live for a long time. 
In the coming series of articles, I will explain in detail about what you can achieve in Japan after learning Japanese. Stay tuned!

※Japanese proverb:十人十色(じゅうにんといろ)"Ten people, ten colors."
A Japanese proverb. It means that people have different ideas and interests.
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