Hydrangea -A flower with special meaning for love and life-


In today's article, I would like to share my feelings about the flower called "hydrangea". The month of hydrangeas is June, which is now! You can go see hydrangeas right after reading this article.^^
General Information

Hydrangea (macrophylla), also called hydrangea or jasmine, is native to Japan. The kanji for hydrangea is ”紫陽花”.

The hydrangea is a beautiful shrub-like flower. The flowers are clustered together to form a round spherical shape, giving it a very beautiful appearance. Depending on the land, the flowers come in a variety of colors: blue, sky blue, green, pink, purple pink, white, and mixed colors. Which colors do you like? I think green is a special color, because you rarely see flowers made of chlorophyll. Some of my friends also like purple or mixed colors. I think blended colors are very special, because you can see many colors in the same flower cluster, like brown, ochre, and orange-brown.
Hydrangeas are widely grown in flower beds and ornamental gardens. In Japan, hydrangeas can be seen blooming on both sides of the street and in the corners of houses. Japanese seem to have a special attachment to these flowers. Also, since hydrangeas have rounded flower clusters, you can create a gorgeous and beautiful wedding bouquet, just by adding a few roses. Therefore, they are also used for wedding flower arrangements.
Flower Meaning

Let's talk about the meaning of the hydrangea flower, now.
I have read somewhere that hydrangea shall represent allegiance, gratitude, and sincerity toward others.
In Japan, this flower has a historical tradition of apology and gratitude. When I was in college, a friend once told me that I could send him a hydrangea instead of refusing to return his love. I really appreciate this Japanese spirit of considering the other person's feelings and not doing anything that might hurt them. They are as beautiful as hydrangeas.
Meaning behind the color of the flower

Hydrangeas come in many different colors, even on the same stem. They have different meanings depending on the color.

Pink - romance, sincerity, associated with love, weddings, and marriage.

Green - linked to harshness, rejection of romantic proposals, begging for forgiveness, and expressing remorse.

White - known as a symbol of purity, elegance, abundance, and boasting.

Purple - used to symbolize a desire for greater understanding of others, abundance and wealth.

So they say. However, as a lover of hydrangeas, I think they are very beautiful in any color.
In Japan, there are many flowers in bloom from spring to summer. I hope everyone living in Japan will enjoy them. Did it make you want to go see hydrangeas, now?^^
This is the last message. Like hydrangeas blooming in the rainy season, I hope all of you will always be shining. Wish you have the strength to overcome any difficulties.
& DM