International Student FAQ Corner! part 1 by Ms. Hattori

Hello everyone!
Today I'm going to share with you all some common questions that international students have!
I'm sure you're also curious about the answers to the questions!
So I would like to introduce the answers as well as the questions!

Question 1:I want to move to a new house. What procedures do international students need to follow?

①First of all, contact your landlord or property management company and inform them of your intention to terminate your lease (set a firm date for the termination).
②Get a notice of cancellation (退去届).
③Contact the moving company.
④Cancel the contract with the internet service provider.
⑤Request for oversize garbage collection (rules differ depending on the municipality)
⑥Submit notification of moving out and receive a certificate of moving out (if you are moving to another municipality)
→Submit a notification of moving out to the municipal office and receive a certificate of moving out.
 (Don't lose the certificate, as it is a document to be submitted to the municipal office of your new address!)
⑦Procedures for loss of eligibility for National Health Insurance (if you are moving to another municipality)
 (If you are moving to another municipality, you will need to apply for the loss of National Health Insurance status at the same time you apply for notification of moving out.)
⑧Apply to stop/start using electricity, gas, and water services.
→(If you are moving to other municipalities, you will need to be present when you stop/start using electricity, gas, and water, so make an appointment to be present.)
⑨Request to have your mail forwarded
→Fill in the necessary information on the "Notification of Change of Address" available at the post office and submit it.
⑩Change the address of everything that you have registered.
→Mobile phone, bank, credit card, etc.
⑪After moving, submit the notification of moving in and out at the municipal office of your new address.
→You must do this within two weeks of your move.
 You will need the certificate of moving out you received in step ⑥ here!
⑫Enrollment in National Health Insurance
→Apply at the same time as ⑪.

The above is a general description of moving. The procedures for international students are slightly different from those for native Japanese, so there are many things that are not well understood even if you look them up on the Internet. Also, each student's situation is different, so I give explanations tailored to each student's situation every time! For those students who still have difficulty with Japanese, we help them make contact by phone! It is very comforting to see the students who come to us with a worried look on their face at first, but in the end they leave with a smile on their face!

We'll be introducing more frequently asked questions and answers in the future, so stay tuned!
& DM