International Student Insurance – Watch out for accidents!

All students enrolling in TCJ's student visa course will be required to obtain international student insurance.(Click here.)

The insurance includes liability coverage as well as medical expenses for one's own illness or injury.
This applies when international students injure another person by accident,
or when they damage property and are liable for compensation.
(The amount to be paid by the individual is 3,000 yen per accident.)

Previous accidents:
・A car was waiting at the traffic light and the cyclist dragged the side mirror.
 The cyclist was charged for the repair.
・On a road without traffic lights, a cyclist collided with another cyclist.
 The first party had to pay for medical treatment.
・A student broke a window in a common area in the dormitory and paid for the repair.

Accidents involving bicycles are relatively common.
To avoid accidents, make sure you understand the Japanese traffic rules.

Even if you take precautions, you cannot be sure that accidents and problems will not occur.
Sometimes insurance can solve the problem, so please do not worry alone, but consult with the school.
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