ISO 29991:2020 certification acquired

ISO 29991:2020 certification acquired

Tokyo Central Japanese Language School (hereinafter abbreviated as TCJ) has obtained ISO 29991:2020 certification from the International Organization for Standardization as of June 30, 2022.
(Certification organization: JAMOTE Certification Services Co., Ltd.)

ISO is a worldwide standard certification organization headquartered in Switzerland that certifies the quality of products and services to meet certain standards.
TCJ has obtained ISO 29991:2020 certification, which certifies that "the quality of language learning services is guaranteed.

➀Japanese language courses:
Learning service for higher education and academic improvement.
➁Japanese language teacher training program:
Learning service to improve job-related skills.

TCJ has been recognized as having the quality which meets the international standards strictly set for both courses.

We will continue to improve our teaching processes and management systems in order not only to provide better language learning services to students from all over the world who learn Japanese and wish to become Japanese language instructors to help them learn Japanese, but also to satisfy as many people as possible with our services.

We hope you are satisfied with your decision to have chosen TCJ and you would recommend it to your friends and acquaintances. We will continue working diligently in cooperation with our faculty members to grow into a greater educational institution.

We sincerely look forward to seeing you at TCJ.
Thank you and best regards.
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