Nature can be experienced in the suburbs of Tokyo

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it is difficult to travel far. With more telework than before Corona, and it's no longer easy to meet friends, but when you're off, you'll need to refresh.
How about taking a look at the mountains and rivers from a distance from the city with many buildings and people? This time, I would like to introduce Chichibu in Saitama prefecture.

Chichibu is about an hour and a half away from Tokyo. The front of Seibu Chichibu station is very clean, there is a hot spring next to the station, and many souvenirs are sold, so it is a popular spot for families also.
The Chichibu Railway, a local line, is just a short walk from Seibu Chichibu Station. There are only a couple of train cars, and the trains are not coming one every minute like in central Tokyo, only one to three trains an hour.
Also, unlike Tokyo, there aren't many people at the station, so the view is wide, and it's refreshing.

There is a place called "Bushu-Nakagawa Station" on the Chichibu Railway. There is no convenience store around the station, and the vast nature and clean air spread out.
There are fields and rivers around it, and the spreading scenery that you can't think of next to Tokyo.
There is a guest house about 10 minutes on foot from the station, and that building is a building with a straw‐thatched roof.
Speaking of spots with a straw‐thatched roof, I can think of Shirakawa-go in Gifu prefecture, so it is a valuable place where you can see the straw‐thatched roof in the suburbs of Tokyo.
The owner of the guest house is also a person with a homey atmosphere, and will provide you with the ingredients from the area.There is no air conditioning and it is a little cold in winter, but that is also an experience.
Tap water is also natural water, so you can drink it directly. It seems that you can get beetles etc. in the summer.

How did you like it?

& DM