Japanese Conversation Club: holding report

At the "Japanese Conversation Club", the students of TCJ's Japanese teacher training course will be facilitators and will be divided into groups of 3-4 students to enjoy conversation.
This time, more than 20 students gathered and we all had a good time.

International students who were finally able to come to Japan, who have lived in Japan for work for a long time,who have just come to Japan with their family ... 
Everyone who came to Japan from various countries and regions.
Did you successfully express what you wanted to convey using the Japanese you are studying hard everyday? !!
First, introduce yourself one by one in each group.
Everyone used to introduce themselves already, such as "name," "hometown," and "favorite Japanese food."
Everyone was talking with confidence.

There are three themes for today's "talk".

'What do you do on your days off? '
Around this time, we are finally able to move around. Many people seemed to go out to town on holidays.
Not only in Tokyo, but also those who travel to Kansai, Kyushu, Hokkaido, etc.
At home, there are various people, such as those who spend time playing games and those who spend time relaxing with their families.

'What Japanese word have you learned recently? '
Recently learned Japanese ... is there anything? !!
The casual expressions used in conversations with close friends stood out.
The Kansai dialect is fresh because it's hard to touch in Tokyo.

"Really?" "Interesting!" "Why isn't it!"

'Where are the recommended restaurants, shops and places? '
Recommended restaurant, this is the information you definitely want to know! Everyone has different origins, so they have different food preferences.
It seemed like we could make a guidebook of recommended restaurants from everyone!
This time, we grouped them randomly, not by level.
The classroom was so exciting that you can even hear from the hallway! !! 30 minutes was quick.

After the "Japanese Conversation Club" is over, they exchange their numbers with other students met in th
e club, and enjoy talking in the hallway. It seems that it has become a place to make new friends.

TCJ will continue to plan events that Japanese learners can enjoy every month.
We have a lot of Japanese learners at TCJ, so we hope that we can help them make fun memories together.

This is a video of the Japanese Conversation Club!
Please take a look if you are interested.

& DM