Japan’s Golden week in 2022

In Japan, the Golden week holiday refers to the annual long continuous holiday from the end of April to the beginning of May.
We would like to introduce to you the origin of the name of Golden week in Japan and the Golden week Holiday of this year.
Everyone knows that a long holiday in spring is called "Golden week", but do you know why it is called "Golden week"?
Golden week was originally a holiday formed by three of the nine public holidays stipulated in the relevant laws on National Holiday promulgated in 1948.
Although it was initially called "Golden week" (kanji), it was changed to "Golden week" (gairaigo) because of its lack of influence, which began to spread widely.
●Showa Day, April 29 (Friday)
April 29th, 2022 is Showa Day.
According to the National Holiday Law, Showa Day is designated as a day to "look back on the era of rejuvenation after turmoil and look forward to the future of the country and the nation.
" Showa Day originally comes from the birthday of Emperor Showa.
On Showa Day, people look back on the Showa era and imagine the history and culture of the past.

●Constitution Remembrance Day, 3 May ( Tuesday)
May 3, 2022, is the Constitution Remembrance Day stipulated by law.
In order to commemorate the promulgation of the Japanese Constitution in 1947, this day has been established as a legal holiday since 1948.
On the anniversary of the Constitution, people reviewed and reflected on the definition of happy life in Japan.
If families have children, they can take this Day as an opportunity to tell their children about the history of Japan.
●Greenery Day, 4 May (Wednesday)
The purpose of Greenery Day is to be close to nature, to thank it for its kindness, and to cultivate a rich soul.
On Greenery Day, caring activities for nature will be held all over Japan, and public zoos and botanical gardens can enter the garden free of charge.
On this day, people go to climb mountains, go camping by the river or the sea, enjoy picnics by lakes and forests, and get close to nature.
Families with children must have a parent-child experience and enjoy the opportunity to get close to nature before entering the rainy season.
●Children's Day, May 5 (Thursday)
Children's Day was formulated in 1948.
On this Day in Japan, there is a custom of holding the carp flag.
The time for decorating the "carp flag" is not fixed, and many places are decorated during the long holiday from mid-April to May.
In addition, "Children's Day" will also hold many activities unique to "Children's Day" across Japan on that day.
Although it is "Children's Day", there are many zoos and parks where adults can enter for free.
Golden week 2022 lasts one week from April 29 to May 5.
Of course, as in 2021, we should not relax in preventing the COVID-19 epidemic.
Please enjoy a meaningful Golden week holiday while taking all necessary preventive measures.
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