JASSO Scholarships

JASSO Scholarships
TCJ emphasizes the importance of academic progress after enrollment. TCJ also actively encourages students to apply for JASSO scholarships, which are available to students who are interested in studying in Japan.
We recommend students based on the overall evaluation of attendance rate, Japanese language proficiency, and EJU.
Scholarship Amount Requirement
JASSO Scholarship Program for International Students Recipient of payments 30,000 JPY x 12 months (Start receiving from April of 2nd year) The status of residence must be ""Study abroad"". Expected to enroll by March of the previous year and go on to higher education in April of the following year. Attendance rate of 95% or higher If a family member in Japan pays living and school expenses, the family member's annual income is 5 million JPY or less. Cannot be used with other scholarships.
Reservation System (Recommended by Japanese Language Institute) 48,000 JPY x 12 months (Start receiving your benefits in June after you go to higher education) Take EJU score above the average on (1) or (2). (1) Japanese language, mathematics and science (2) Japanese language, mathematics, and integrated course Applicants must be enrolled in a Japanese school before the year of application. Enrolled in a regular course for more than one year and expected to graduate in March of the year of application. Attendance rate of 90% or more in the year of application Grading scale of 2.3 or higher for the period from April to December of the year of application.
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