July Term 2023 Entrance Ceremony and On-Campus Events

On Tuesday, July 11, 2023, the entrance ceremony for the July term was held.
We welcomed about 150 international students this time, and we are very happy to see students from all over the world as we did in April.

After the congratulatory speech by President Nakazawa, students from China and Myanmar gave speeches as representatives of the new students.
Their speeches were very fluent and splendid even before our courses started! We are looking forward to their future success. The Chinese students' speeches are also available on BiliBili's video. Please take a look.

After the entrance ceremony, an orientation on school rules and manners for living in Japan was held.
TCJ staff can help you in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc., so if you have any questions, be sure to ask the school or your teacher.

・Study Orientation
...School rules, TCJ's mission, vision and values, study rules, etc.
・Police guidance (Yotsuya Police Security Division, Community Division, Life Safety Division, and International Crime Prevention Division)
The police made the following requests and reminders
① Police may visit you and check your personal information in case of emergency, so please do not refuse.
(e.g., to contact residents of apartments that have caught fire or to confirm your identity in the event of a disaster, etc.)

② Please be careful of black market jobs, bank account delivery scams, and package receiving scams.

③ Special precautions from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
・Do not carry daggers.
∙ Be aware of the types of part-time jobs

④A reminder to prevent terrorism
(Because there have been cases in other countries where foreign students feel isolated and get involved in terrorist organizations.)
・Orientation for living in Japan
...status of residence, life in Japan (My number card, national pension, bank, part-time job related, etc.)

We, the faculty and staff, support your dreams in Japan! We will do our best to support you toward that dream.
However, school rules, regulations of life in Japan, and school attendance are also very important for students.
These factors will have a great impact on your future higher education and employment, so please be aware of them on a daily basis and enjoy your life in Japan!

☆☆☆July Event Announcement☆☆☆
July is the month of summer! TCJ will hold a summer festival event!
Let's experience making Uchiwa (Japanese fans) together while interacting in Japanese.
What a surprise...you can even eat Haagen-Dazs!

Event date and time: Monday, July 24, 17:00-18:00
Location: TCJ classrooms (402, 403)
Admission: Free
Registration: Reception on the 4th floor (Deadline: 7/18)
Clerk: 25 people
We look forward to seeing you all there!
& DM