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Lunar New Year is one of the long-standing traditional cultural features, indispensable in the lives of people in many Asian countries, such as Vietnam, China, Korea, Mongolia, and Singapore. … The custom of celebrating Lunar New Year in each country has different features, especially traditional, but in general, Lunar New Year is still an opportunity for family members to gather together to welcome a happy new year. and peace. Countries that celebrate the Lunar New Year can be mentioned as: China, Korea, Mongolia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore... Nothing makes you understand the Lunar New Year better than spending the Lunar New Year holiday in that country. Today, let's find out what are the common points between countries during the Lunar New Year holiday.
***The custom of returning home to celebrate Lunar New Year***
Although the society is increasingly modern, with the tradition of respecting the family, the people of these countries still keep the tradition of going back to their hometown to celebrate Lunar New Year with their loved ones.

***Traditional rituals***
Although the traditional celebration of welcoming the new year is different in each country, when the old year passes and the new year comes, everyone in the family gathers together and performs traditional rituals, with Wishing you a happy new year with many good things.
On the occasion of the new year, Chinese people often decorate their homes by hanging red couplets, red lanterns with red paper and lighting firecrackers to wish for a happy New Year and a peaceful new year.

During Lunar New Year, there will be dishes that are eaten only on Tet holiday, and there are dishes that appear on the party table. Many people will enjoy the process of family members preparing food together before New Year's Eve. During Lunar New Year, more dishes are also displayed, these are delicious and a bit expensive. With the meaning of wishing for the whole year to have such delicious food.
In addition, in some countries, there are special dishes and confectionery. For example, in Korea, they always display rice cakes on New Year's Day. Vietnamese people always display “banh chung” and “banh giay” on Tet. The dishes that are placed on the table to worship ancestors on Tet may vary from region to region or from family to family.
***Rituals, wishes for longevity and money to celebrate the year***
After all of the ceremonies, young members of the family come to worship or wish the elders a long life, and then receive money from grandparents and parents. Children are often given red envelopes by adults with the meaning of wishing them all good luck in the new year.

Normally, countries will wear traditional costumes to celebrate Lunar New Year. For example, Vietnamese people wear Ao Dai, Koreans wear Hanbok… They organize many welcoming activities such as dancing, singing and playing folk games.

I believe that each country has their own beliefs that everyone must respect. Therefore, not only on New Year's Day, but before going to a certain country, you need to learn carefully what you are not allowed to do, what you should do to be able to get along with the new country.

I think the Lunar New Year is the most important holiday of the year. Although the economy is developing and the society is becoming more and more modern, the above countries still keep this precious tradition. This is a really great thing. Culture is born of life, and life preserves culture.
Cherish your culture. And please introduce your culture to us!
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