Let’s go to libraries!

You want to read books in Japanese to improve your study? You want to listen to Japanese songs as much as possible? Then, libraries are the perfect places to visit!

There are not only books, but also comics, magazines and CDs in Japanese libraries.
You can use the computer to search for books you want to read or CDs you want to listen to, make reservations, or order books and other materials you want to read from other libraries. So, you can be exposed to tons of Japanese materials without spending a lot of money.

Anyone who is registered as a resident in Japan can get a library card and borrow books and CDs. (There are restrictions such as borrowing less than 10 books per week at a time.)

In Tokyo, libraries are operated by each ward. Therefore, you can register at the library in the ward near your home or school. To register, you will need your "Residence Card" and "Student ID Card".

Most libraries also have study spaces where students can study in a quiet environment before or after TCJ classes, or on weekends and holidays. They are very convenient facilities, so take advantage of them!

★Libraries close to TCJ★
Click here for information on other Shinjuku City libraries . )

・Yotsuya Library(Click here
 It is an 18 minute walk from TCJ.
 They have many magazines and many books in English, Chinese, and Korean.
・Kita-Shinjuku Library(Click here
 (TCJ→Okubo Station on the Sobu Line/JR Shin-Okubo Station→approx. 10-minute walk)
 This library is located in Okubo.
 Although it is a little far from TCJ, the library has many international students and foreign users.
 It is also convenient to use for those who are worried about their Japanese language skills.
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