Manners when bathing in an Onsen

What do you imagine during the cold season? Japanese people love to warm their cold bodies in Onsen, the hot springs.
Do you know the etiquette of bathing in Japanese Onsen?
Onsen is a place where you can feel healing. So, don't you want to become familiar with the manners and enjoy onsen properly?
We introduce the etiquette for bathing in a large Onsen.
①Wash your body
In Japanese public bathing facilities, it is a matter of course to wash before getting into the tub. You should start bathing only after you have washed yourself properly.
②Tie up your hair
Hair strewn around in the bathtub gives the impression of being unhygienic and makes others uncomfortable.
If you have long hair, make sure that it does not touch the bath water by tying them up.
③Do not wear a bath towel or bathing suit
Avoid putting towels in the bathtub, as bacteria in the towel fibers can enter the hot water.
④Refrain from place-holding activities
Just because you have a spot you want to use, do not keep that spot occupied for long periods of time or use towels or other items to take up space.
⑤Do not bathe when you are drunk or not feeling well
It may cause both physical and mental illness. Please refrain from taking a bath if you are under the influence of alcohol.
⑥Avoid shower splashes.
When washing, make sure that you do not splash the people next to you.
⑦Wipe off the water when leaving the bath area
In order to keep the changing rooms clean, please wring out your towel well and wipe your body dry before leaving the bath area.
⑧Use of mobile phones prohibited
In the bathing and changing area, the use of the mobile phone should be refrained from.

We hope this article was helpful! Now you are ready to visit and enjoy every bathing source without any problems.
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