March 15, 2024 Graduation Ceremony & Graduation Party

On March 15, TCJ held a graduation ceremony.

There were approximately 340 students graduating in March 2024. After graduation, they will start a new chapter in their lives, either going on to higher education (universities, graduate schools, vocational schools, etc.) or finding a job.

The first half of the ceremony was a graduation ceremony, in which the principal, the staff representative, and student representatives gave their speeches in turn.

First, there was a graduation ceremony, which included a congratulatory address by TCJ`s principal, words from the curriculum coordinator, a speech on behalf of the students, and the awarding of diplomas.
The second half was the graduation party, where snacks, cake, and drinks were prepared and everyone had a very moving time.
On this special day, we created wonderful memories together.
We hope that you will continue to grow and develop your love for the Japanese language and culture.
The teachers and staff wish you an even brighter future.

Congratulations on your graduation!
& DM