Meal etiquette at a sushi restaurant①Preparation

Sushi, a typical Japanese dish, is loved all over the world.
Today, I would like to introduce the manners when eating sushi.
If you have never been to Japan, or if you are already in Japan but have never been to a sushi restaurant, please refer to this article and enjoy sushi while paying attention to your eating etiquette.
1 No strong perfume, no cigarettes
Perfume with a slight scent is fine, but be careful not to apply too strong perfume.
Sushi is a delicate food.A strong perfume will ruin delicious sushi.It may cause trouble to other customers.

2 Take off your jacket, coat
It is a violation of etiquette to eat while wearing a jacket or coat. Be sure to take off your jacket or coat before you get to your seat.In my opinion, the counters have high chairs, so avoid miniskirts as much as possible.You don't have to worry too much, but don't put too much effort into your clothes.

3 Remove the watch / bracelet
It is good manners to remove your watch or bracelet when sitting at the counter.
The counters of high-class sushi restaurants are often made of a large piece of wood called a single plate, which is very expensive, so be careful.It's okay to remove it and put it on the counter.

④ For reservation
You can use the website or phone.If you book by phone, choose a time when the store isn't busy.

⑤ About the time to go to the store
Don't be late.If you arrive 10-15 minutes ago, probably still in preparation. So please try to arrive as accurately as possible.
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