New Friend Referral Campaign

To all current students


We are pleased to announce the renewal of TCJ's Refer-a-Friend Campaign.
If you know someone or have a friend who would like to study abroad or learn Japanese,
please introduce them to TCJ!

If the person you referred decides to enroll at TCJ,
you and the person you referred to will both receive a gift card worth 5,000 yen!

In addition, your friend will receive a free trial class ticket!
Your friend can experience a full day of TCJ classes for free!

Three attractive features of TCJ classes:
☆You can experience TCJ's hybrid classes.
☆You can participate in any level from beginner to advanced.
☆Professional teachers with a wide range of experience.

【Please note】
You can introduce as many people as you like.
If you live in Japan, you will receive an Amazon gift card/QUO card/TCJ teddy bear.
If you live overseas, you will receive a gift card worth 5,000 yen that can be used locally.

Please fill out the form to introduce a friend:

About the free class trial:

TCJ is actively engaged in the development of teachers, improvement of teaching quality,
and ICT in order to help students improve their Japanese language skills and achieve their desired career paths.
We hope that prospective students will be able to experience the quality of TCJ.

We look forward to your introduction. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
& DM