【Pass the JLPT!】New JLPT Preparation Class Starts!

TCJ's JLPT class is a class that starts from the basics and aims to pass the exam.
If you want to take the JLPT to the next level this year, join us for a class starting in this September! TCJ's friendly and experienced teachers are waiting for you!
[Study period]
N3 class : 2023/09/05~2024/08/31
Goal: Pass the test in July 2024
Class levels: N3
Lesson date/time: Evening business class (Tue/Thu) & JLPT class(Wed) 19:00-21:00
Number of students per class: 15-20
★September to February★
Grammar and vocabulary (20 lessons)
★March to May★
reading and listening comprehension (10 lessons)
★June to August ★
Review, activities using what you have learned, warm-up for the next level. (10 lessons)

Grammar and vocabulary are the basis of language learning, therefore, it is a characteristic of TCJ that we take the time to study them carefully.
The test is also in July, so those who want to give it a try can take the July test.
At school we teach 6 grammar points each week, when and how to use them. 6 points per week, so even if you are busy, you can do it.
You will read examples in the textbook and do the exercises on your own. After class, students review at home.
There is a lot of vocabulary so it is very easy to remember if you learn them by category.
For example, in the category "in the kitchen/living room," you will learn the names of things in the kitchen and things in the living room. In the "Let's cook" category, you will learn the words used for cooking.
[Reading comprehension]
In the reading comprehension section, you will have to read a variety of sentences.
They can be short sentences, slightly longer sentences, longer sentences, flyers, posters, e-mails, etc.
In class, we will try to do some examples of this.
[Listening comprehension]
There will also be various types of listening comprehension questions.
For example, questions that require you to look at a picture and answer it, questions that involve asking what this person said, and questions requiring you to listen to a long conversation and answer what the conversation was about.
or "What does this person say?
★★Special lessons for students who are aiming to JLPT N4 in Dec.★★ 
This is for students who are aiming N4 →→→→→
What is JLPT N4 level?
Able to work in restaurants, hotels, and nursing care settings, although communication requires a little time and explanation in the medium language. 
Able to understand most of the content of a slightly slower spoken conversation in everyday situations. 

‘I want to be able to have smooth conversations!’
‘I want to be able to live independently in Japan while using Japanese! ‘
‘I want to be able to use Japanese for business.’

If you have such goals, we recommend that you first master and pass the N4 level in order to reach N3 and N2, and then move on to the next level.
TCJ will be offering a special lesson to help students pass the JLPT N4.

Students can study online from home on weekend mornings.
This special class is designed specifically for JLPT N4 preparation.

Please contact us if you would like to get more information!
[JLPT Class Launch Campaign]
Get a total of ¥38,700 cash back at the end!!

・If you sign up for 12 months, complete the course & pass the JLPT, you will receive the following benefits
 You will get a total of 38700 yen back!
 (JLPT exam fee (equivalent to 6500 yen) + 32200 yen cash back after completing 1 year course)

・Additional campaigns (can be combined)
Refer-a-Friend Campaign:-5,000
*Let's aim to pass the exam together with your friend!
Lump-sum payment discount: -5,000
*Save money with a lump-sum bank transfer!

*Limited to those who can join from the first class in March.
*This offer is limited to those who can join from the first class in March.
*The JLPT class must be taken in combination with the Evening Business Class (Tuesdays and Thursdays) to be eligible for this campaign.
[How to Apply?]
You can enroll at any time, but we recommend that you start from the first JLPT class, March 1st.
The JLPT class is combined with the Evening Business class.
*If you wish to take only the JLPT class, please contact us.

1) Fill out and submit the contact form.
2) Please take the online level check test in advance.
3) You will have a face-to-face or online interview with one of TCJ's lesson counselors. Please be as specific as possible about your purpose for studying Japanese and your target Japanese level. Through the level check and interview, we will confirm your Japanese level and suggest the most suitable class for you.
4) You can decide how you will pay the tuition fee.
5) After confirming the initial payment, classes will begin!

TCJ will fully support your challenge!
Let's work together to achieve your goals!
& DM