One day bus tour

Hey everyone, there will soon be summer vacation.
What is your plan during the vacation? If you haven’t planned anything yet, why don’t you travel by bus?

Do you know about a one-day bus tour in Japan?
In this article, I would like to introduce you how the tour is.

Here are the four benefits of joining the tour.

・No need to drive
When traveling with family and friends, someone is always in charge of driving to the destination. By joining a one-day bus tour, no one needs to worry about being a driver. This should be the most attractive point when you travel with someone else.
・Low cost
In an individual trip, you always need to pay "transportation costs + basic fees for each spot (such as entrance and park fees etc......)". The number of participants in a bus trip is large, and group discounts are available at each spot. This is another advantage of participating in the bus tour.
・Being able to go to hot spots
It takes forever for many of you to decide which spots to visit when planning your trip plan. A one-day bus tour takes you to only popular and well-reputed spots. Also, you may have a chance to visit hidden places that are often overlooked or recommended spots by a tour company. Some spots in the tours are only available to groups, which is another thing you cannot do on your own.
Don’t you think that you definitely have a very satisfying day? Fruits, boats, seafood, shopping, it should be a very nice holiday.
Why don't you join a one-day bus tour with your friends during your summer vacation?

Recommended bus tour companies:
2) Hato Bus
3) Orion Tour
4) JTB
Citation: HIS Bus Day Trip
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