please introduce friends to TCJ

To TCJ's students and graduates

Hello! This is a friend referral campaign announcement.

Do you have any friends who are interested to study abroad in Japan?
If you know, please introduce to TCJ♪
Now we are preparing gifts for everyone who introduced us!

【Gifts for introducers】
If the person who introduced you passed the TCJ interview,
We will give you a "TCJ teddy bear".
* Products are ordered individually each time, so it may take some time before delivery.

【Applicable condition】
* One teddy bear will be presented for each friend introduced.
* No matter how many times you introduce it.
* Presented when a friend has passed the study abroad interview.
* Not applicable if your friend has already been interviewed.
* Please scan this QR code or click this link to Google form to reception.
* Teddy bear gifts are presented only to residents of Japan.

Check the contents and applicable conditions of the above introduction benefits,
Please fill in the Google form or QR code.
please introduce friends to TCJ
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